Greenheart Games
Based in Brisbane, Australia

Release date:
December 10, 2012 (Windows Store); August 29, 2013 (Steam); November 28th, 2017 (iOS); January 31st, 2018 (Android)

PC / Mac / Linux
Google Play
Nintendo Switch


Regular Price:

Nintendo Switch$14.99
PC/Steam (USD)$9.99
Windows Store (USD)$9.99
Google Play$4.99


Game Dev Tycoon lets you build your game development empire, from a one-person team in your garage in the 80s to major studio in the present day. Relive the early days of game development, build a world-class team, design best-selling games, research new technologies and make your mark on the games industry. Game Dev Tycoon is an isometric business management game putting you in the shoes of an indie game developer - starting from nothing in your garage, increase your skills and knowledge with practice and game reports, and build your studio reputation from the ground up as you manage your team. You will design best-selling games by creating your own game engines, combining the best topics and genres, and choosing their platform and audience for each game - from small games to big publishing deals.


Game Dev Tycoon began development in 2011 as a game development simulation game for the Windows Store, becoming the first simulation game available on the platform in 2012. In 2013, the game was ported to PC, Mac and Linux and gained worldwide attention when the studio reported on our piracy experiment: players who pirated Game Dev Tycoon quickly went bankrupt in-game due to piracy rates, and asked for DRM and other anti-piracy measures to be added to the gameplay. The media and the public quickly picked up on the irony of the situation, which re-ignited a debate on piracy in games. Greenheart Games then spent its energy updating the game based on player feedback and brought the updated game to Steam to an overwhelmingly positive reaction where it gained over one million legal players. In October 2017, Greenheart Games announced an upcoming iOS and Android port, along with an update to the Steam version, adding in new content - particularly the “pirate mode” as a new challenge, new game topics and an updated storyline. In October 2020, Game Dev Tycoon was released on Nintendo Switch and updated on all platforms with a cross-platform save feature.


  • Start a game studio on your own in the 80s, and grow it into a world leading team
  • Create your own games, mixing-and-matching genres, topics and platforms
  • Hire, manage and train your development team (but beware of crunch!)
  • Open your own R&D lab and become an industry leader
  • Try out a new challenge with the “Pirate Mode”: will you use DRM to keep afloat, at the risk of angering players?
  • Cross-platform save feature allowing players to continue their game on whicher platform they prefer.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "None" We don't apply for industry awards and to our knowledge no award was given to us. A 10/10 'overwhelmingly positive' Steam rating is pretty cool though! - Thanks players!

Piracy Experiment
What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy? greenheartgames.com.

About Greenheart Games

Greenheart Games is a studio based in Brisbane, Australia, that was founded by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug in 2012. It is now a small indie team working remotely from all over the world, gathered around the belief that games need to be more than thinly-disguised slot machines optimized solely to generate profit.

More information
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Game Dev Tycoon Credits

Patrick Klug
CEO, Co-Founder, Developer

Daniel Klug
Co-Founder, Developer

Various contractors
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iOS/Android/Switch port

Mobile/Console PR and Marketing
Player Two PR

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